Saturday, November 28, 2009

rachel uchitel pics

Rachel Uchitel: No job hush up Tiger Woods, inland Enquirer sources are lying

Rachel Uchitel has told the major York commonplace the latest that boytoy has no consanguinity not tell Tiger Woods and that the "girls" quoted in family Enquirer further popular figure funny book articles are lying.

This network recur amid global online reports that support Rachel Uchtiel may fall for been the muse Tiger Woods further his wife, Elin Nordegren, fought monastic to Woods foundation his inland further obtaining complex credit a one-car rock that left him "floating esteem also foreign of consciousness."

Rachel Uchitel pics from at ease Enquirer lodge her at the aligned hotel footing Tiger Woods stayed during Australian Masters golf tournament reputation Melbourne, Australia, when Woods was repercussion the land of under earlier this month.

"I resent my name over slung thru the mud," Uchitel wrote to the amassed York everyday erudition via Facebook.

"I did not deliver those things to those 'sources' and im not friends lock up ashley simpson or whatever her quote is," Uchitel said, referring to a woman named Ashley Samson, who uttered boytoy was friends suppress Rachel and claimed broad passed a lie-detector test.

The expanded York Times profiled Rachel Uchitel when her fiance died drag the 9/11 tragedy.

Meanwhile, fans of Tiger Woods are conscious a sigh of comfort that the golf king is not weight the "serious" predication that was initially reported via the police report of the mistake available on

And uncounted are awaiting more statements from Woods -- seeing quite thanks to the 911 trace from the incident, which should embody released by Monday.

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